SW Tank Test Station

Unique to the South West, we offer testing of LPG Cylinders and BBQ Bottles BBQ bottle refills.We also carry out the Testing of Scuba Tanks as well as re-filling of scuba and breathing apparatus.

South West Tank Test Station is your one stop tank testing and certification centre in the South West.In Australia scuba cylinders are required to be hydrostatically tested every 12 months and LPG cylinders every 10 Years

Testing of scuba cylinders is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 2030.1 by a Certified Test Station.The cylinder is then stamped around the neck area indicating the month and year it was tested along with the test station number.

To determine the last test date of an LP Gas cylinder, simply refer to the information stamped on the cylinder foot ring or the valve protection collar. Automotive LP Gas cylinders may have a data plate or tag attached to the cylinder.


We test all the following:

  • Vehicle LPG Cylinders
  • FFE
  • BBQ Bottles as well as gas fills
  • Certification of BBQ Bottles for Removalists


  • Scuba Tanks
  • Air Fills for Scuba Tanks and breathing apparatus
  • LPG vehicle gas cylinders


Mark Young is an experienced Auto Gas Fitter and certfied tank tester here at South West Tank Test Station and is the best person to advise you as to when your gas cylinder is out of date. Out of date cylinders must not be filled until tested and re-stamped at a certified test station. Filling LPG gas cylinders that are damaged or untested is illegal and dangerous.
If the 10 year certification period will expire before the next regular vehicle service, arrangements should be made for the gas container to be reinspected and restamped at a certified gas cylinder test station as soon as possible.
South West Tank Test Station is an approved test station here in the South West. Contact details are available from auto gas fitters, licensing centres or Energy Safety.