At City Auto Gas and Mechanical we can carry out a comprehensive check and service of your vehicle Air Conditioning System. It is recommended that this full intervention is carried out every one to two years.

Why is this neccessary?

"Automotive air-conditioning systems operate under pressure, they need to remain completely sealed from the surrounding environment. Anything that allows refrigerant to escape or contaminants to enter can cause a failure.

If a leak is present in any component, simply recharging the system with new refrigerant will be at best a temporary fix. It is important to identify the leak, replace the faulty component, and then evacuate and recharge the system.

Not only will a system leak stop the AC system from cooling, it can damage the compressor. The compressor can overheat and damage itself by trying to run with too little refrigerant in the system. Compressors generally are not serviceable and are an expensive item to replace.

To operate correctly, the AC condenser needs a steady flow of air through its fins. Road debris and dirt may reduce airflow, causing system malfunction. The condenser is mounted directly behind the vehicle grill, leaving it somewhat exposed and at risk for partial blockage."

All of the above items are checked when a regular service is carried out by City Auto Gas and any faulty or damaged components are immediately brought to the owners attention. Should the customer wish, the components can be ordered and replaced as part of the service.

City Auto Gas has all the expertise and necessary test equipment to bring the system back to its required condition.