Gas Installations

LPG Conversion Systems we use are as follows:

  • Sprint Gas System –  comes with a 2 year or 50,000 kms warranty
  • Tartarini System – comes with a 2 year or 50,000 kms warranty
  • Diesel/Gas Australia System – comes with a 3 year or 150,000 kms warranty

There are many reasons to convert your vehicle to gas:  

Reduced Fuel Bills Save up to 50% on fuel costs.

Decreased Running Costs Save thousands of dollars in decreased running costs and reduced engine wear.

Improved Resale Value Vehicles converted to LPG achieve greater resale value.

Environmental Gas emits 30% less hydrocarbon emissions than petrol, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
City Auto Gas will install and maintain your system to exacting standards and will organise the necessary forms and information required to recover any subsidies that you are entitled to.

View some of our conversions – All work and materials warranted and guaranteed.